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Mdina Knights Social Responsibility 


Since Mdina Knights FC inception back in 2006, the Club has been striving to achieve the status of one of the leading local sports organisations, notwithstanding its limited resources. The Mdina Knights FC Social Responsibility is a further sign of the on-going development within the Club. Mdina Knights FC tries to make full use of the power of football and its growing name to help people and communities in need and organise social, educational and sporting activities to promote social well fare.




Develop solid and structured incentives to serve as a central tool by which Mdina Knights FC reaches out to society.




“To instil genuine values of sports through the development of social, educational and sporting activities, to promote social well-fare and to bolster Mdina Knights FC’s commitment to act as a distinctive model to local sports."





As part of the Club’s Corporate Social Responsibility, Mdina Knights FC incentives strives to provide diverse programmes organised in three main tiers, namely:


Social Programmes:


-          To organise activities aimed to assist social cases such as disabled people, immigrants
and other communities in need.


Educational Programmes:


-          To promote educational development at all levels forming part of Mdina Knights FC’s

-          To develop and promote genuine moral values amongst youngsters, forming part of the
Mdina Knights FC.

-          To organise projects promoting culture and education that will serve as the base for the
youngsters’ personal development.

Sporting Programmes:

-          To develop and promote football values and skills amongst youngsters forming part of
the Mdina Knights FC.


-          To teach football from a holistic point of view and offer an environment where other
related values such as sportsmanship, tolerance and team spirit are practised.